• How Much Capital do I Need?
    For a Protected Development Territory franchise, you will need $10,000 to $50,000 (US) to purchase your franchise. You will need a total of $172,300 to $301,500 to acquire, equip and staff your office and to offer factoring services for the first year.  For an Open Market Development Territory franchise,  you will need $10,000 (US) to purchase your franchise.  You will need a total of $112,800 to $192,500 to acquire and to offer factoring services for the first year.  The capital needed is a function of the type of franchise, territory size, market penetration and local economies.
  • How Does a Protected Territory Differ from an Open Market Territory?
    A Protected Development Territory has only one franchise within the territory. An Open Market Territory can have one franchise for every 1,000 monthly residential sales within the territory.
  • As a COMMISSION EXPRESS Franchise, am I a Lender?
    No, you operate as a factor purchasing accounts receivable at a discount under the Uniform Commercial Code that has been adopted by all 50 states.
  • Can I Reject the Purchase of a Customer’s Receivable?
    Yes. We provide you with underwriting procedures to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of each receivable. Based on your evaluation and your own business experience, you may reject the purchase of a receivable.
  • What Kind of Experience is Most Helpful to a COMMISSION EXPRESS Franchisee?
    Familiarity with the residential real estate business is helpful because our customers are real estate salespeople but any person with good business experience would be a candidate.
  • Why Don’t Real Estate Agents Simply go to a Bank and Borrow the Money?
    Obtaining a bank loan is often a long and complex process involving substantial amounts of paperwork and a flawless credit history. Our customers can sell us a receivable and can often get a advance the same day.
  • Can I Operate Another Business in Addition to a COMMISSION EXPRESS Franchise?
    In some cases, yes. As with any venture, you need to ask if your current business is compatible and whether the combination of activities causes any actual or perceived conflict of interest, ethical concerns, or legal breaches. However, our most successful franchisees are those whose sole business is the COMMISSION EXPRESS business.
  • Where Will Training Take Place?
    Initial training will take place at our national offices in Fairfax, Virginia. Optional training can be scheduled at your office on a consulting basis if needed.
  • Does COMMISSION EXPRESS National Provide Any of the Required Capital?
    While COMMISSION EXPRESS may provide a capital facility in the future, you are currently required to either have or have access to sufficient capital to operate your business.
  • How Much is the Royalty?
    The royalty is 9% of annual income to $300,000; 4.5% to $600,000; and 1% over $600,000 on a monthly basis (subject to a variable monthly minimum – based on the type, size and year of the franchise unit).
  • Do I Pay an Advertising Fee?
    Yes. The advertising fee is 1% of your gross annual income on a monthly basis (subject to a variable monthly minimum – based on the type, size and year of the franchise unit).
  • Do I Start Paying the Royalty and Advertising Fee the Month I Open?
    No. You pay no royalty or advertising fee the first three months that you are open.
  • Do I Need an Office?
    A Protected Territory franchise requires an office. Your office should reflect professionalism and be located near the major real estate activity within your territory. An Open Market Territory franchise does not require an office and may be operated from a home office.
  • What Territories are Currently Available?
    Please call us at 888-560-5501 to discuss the availability of territories.
  • What do I do Next?
    We encourage you to complete and submit the Qualification Summary.