Our Profile

Our customers are real estate professionals: principal brokers, associate brokers and agents, many of whom are “top producers.” These are paper rich but cash poor business people who face the cash flow issues which impact every business. Specifically, real estate professionals are likely to have recurring expenses for promotion, marketing, advertising and staff assistants. Therefore, to operate their businesses, our customers must have a predictable cash flow to meet equally predictable expenses. Unfortunately, real estate incomes depend on unpredictable sales and settlements, and so it sometimes happens that cash flow is not sufficient to meet current expenses.

Our customers who operate as Independent Contractors return repeatedly because doing business with us is quick, reliable, and does not involve a lengthy application review or committee review. They know that, while we do consider the professionalism of the customer, we are primarily interested in the quality of the asset being purchased.

Since the real estate industry is marked by extensive mobility, our customers often leave one firm to go to another or to start their own. This mobility benefits COMMISSION EXPRESS businesses because it helps spread information regarding our services to potential new customers in the new firm. Indeed, we believe that like real estate brokerage in general, customer referrals are a valued and important source of current and future business for all COMMISSION EXPRESS businesses.

Our customers are members of the National Association of REALTORS that promotes professionalism by enforcing a Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. They are also a controlled group in that they are all licensed and regulated by the state Real Estate Commission of the state in which they practice.